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3 Tips To Implement A Smart Loyalty Program


Traditional loyalty programs simply throw discounts and points at a customer. While this may seem like the logical thing to do, it provides little connection or improvement of brand awareness. If you successfully implement a loyalty program, you will improve your customer shopping experience and create a much more positive impression of your business. A […]

5 Tips That Successful Fashion Brands Know


If you own a small business, you already know that the crucial component is getting noticed. The same concept applies if you have opened an online boutique for your fashion brand. What will differentiate you from the hordes of other online companies? What do you have to do to get noticed? The article below details […]

Adjusting Your Business for a Changing Market

adapting to a changing market

Markets change, this is an unavoidable fact. New technologies may be developed that alter a markets product range. Economic recession may mean that a market suffers and less is spent on its goods. New competition may arrive on a market that causes a rush of new products at cheaper prices. What you do as a […]

How Can Fashion Brands Expand To China


Fashion can sometimes be risky to invest in. Trends come and go, and it may be that the investment will go with them. However, one thing that can be said for sure is that the Chinese market favors European fashion brands. Considering the popularity of European brands in the Chinese market, it seems as though, […]

6 Basic Mistakes Killing Your Fashion Brand

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Taking the plunge and creating a new business from scratch is always a risk regardless of if you are a novice or a veteran entrepreneur. Humans make mistakes and starting a business requires an ever-increasing set of skills such as accounting, technical and marketing and this could go some way as to explain why 9 […]

How To Set Prices For Your Fashion Products

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Creating an effective price structure always brings problems. There are people who enter the fashion industry with the aim of undercutting what products are already on the market; However small businesses often struggle to compete in this way. Furthermore, selling at a reduced market price can sometimes create a negative impact and mean a loss […]

5 Points A New Fashion Brand Should Ensure

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It can sometimes be difficult to take the knowledge and talent that is gained at fashion school and apply it towards a successful wholesale or retail distribution. This article takes insight from a variety of sources (designers, retailers, advisors, etc.) and is aimed at helping potential designers become great. The following tips are a good […]

The keys for choosing your marketing channels

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With many marketing channels available to exploit, making a choice between all these possibilities proves to be harder day by day. Some of these channels are widely used by organizations to market their products and services, while others are being discovered marketing strategies. However, it is only wise to say that no marketing channel can […]

How To Open A Pop-Up Store Successfully


How to open a Pop-Up store successfully? The existence of Pop-Up stores has become a great marketing strategy used by retailers who seek to extend product and brand promotion. Approximately, the industry of Pop-Up store has grown to ten billion dollars in sales. A study in the UK claimed that most of the new businesses will invest […]