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Tips about Fashion Celebrity Endorsement


It can be exciting when a well-known person agrees to promote your fashion brand. Whether they are doing it as a favour or for money, their endorsement can be a good tool to attract awareness about your product. There are three factors in particular that you should be aware of while considering celebrity endorsements for […]

Best Fashion Brand Practices on Social Media


Images can always convey an infinite amount of detail compared to words – Just think how much you can describe and show in one photo, compared to say one line of text in a tweet? This is where Pinterest and Instagram excel and are really great tools for fashion businesses to promote their products and […]

How Can Brands Adapt to Seasonal Fashion?


The fashion industry is built on trends, and successful companies stay ahead of these trends or even set them themselves to gain a competitive edge. When considering trends, it is a good idea to forecast in order to figure out what stocks you will need to buy and what time of the year you should […]

How Retailers Can Benefit From Word of Mouth


When you set up a retail store, you can’t expect customers to instantly know about you, and come flooding through your doors. It is part of your job to ensure that word gets out to all potential customers and that everyone knows what it is that you are offering. Of course, you can launch marketing campaigns […]

Multi-Channel Retailing: What Is It All About?


In this ever-changing world, it is becoming more important than ever for retailers to stay ahead of the curb and predict what their customers will be asking for. Customers love the convenience, and they will be expecting retailers to be providing them with as many different channels for shopping as possible. These could include catalogues, […]

The keys for choosing your marketing channels

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With many marketing channels available to exploit, making a choice between all these possibilities proves to be harder day by day. Some of these channels are widely used by organizations to market their products and services, while others are being discovered marketing strategies. However, it is only wise to say that no marketing channel can […]