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A Short Guide To Online Advertising


There is no doubt that advertising can be incredibly effective. However, retailers sometimes balk at the idea of spending money for a ten second TV commercial, or a two sentence newspaper ad. Unfortunately, it is crucial to bite the bullet and invest in advertising; all different kinds. The key is to combine new and trendy […]

The First Steps in Retargeting


Brands and retailers have started implementing new and effective techniques to get their product known and remembered. These techniques can be billboard ads, radio spots or more digital ways like retargeting advertising. The first step of retargeting advertising is when someone visits your website and browses through your products. Later, an advertisement for that same site […]

Why SMO Is Essential For Your Business


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is becoming increasingly important for fashion businesses that operate online. While there are many practices you can employ to improve your general Social Media profile, SMO requires a little more forethought and consideration. The below points give an explanation of SMO, why it is important and how you can improve your […]

Why Customization Is The Future Of Fashion


Over the last several years, the internet has been rising in popularity. Currently, people are able to turn on their computer or smartphone and browse different items that they wish to purchase. They do not even need to leave their homes to do this. This is advantageous in many ways, but it also means that […]

6 Reasons Why B2B Advertising Is Meaningful


Advertising is an integral part of the modern B2B business. Companies will rarely launch a new product or service without some form of accompanying advertising. Business can often take advertising for granted which can cause sloppy campaigns that do not generate revenue. To avoid this, it is important to understand exactly what makes B2B advertising so […]

Why Working With Bloggers Is A Great Deal


If you ask a seasoned entrepreneur what the hardest thing was about getting started, it is likely that most of them will have the same answer; getting noticed. It is difficult for small businesses to generate attention, especially when first starting out. This is because not enough people are talking about them. However, this can […]

How To Create a Great Billboard Ad


  In recent years, people have become very adept at using technology to showcase their products or services. They will put commercials on television, jingles on the radio, or posts on social media. Although these are all effective means of displaying an advertisement, it is hard to beat a good old fashioned billboard.   How […]

How To Engage Your Fan Base On Facebook


Developing your fashion brand on Facebook can be a difficult task – You may spend time and money to promote your page, gain likes and circulate your content but still find that the actual level of engagement from your so called fans is minimal. How many of us have simply “liked” a page on Facebook […]

Tips about Fashion Celebrity Endorsement


It can be exciting when a well-known person agrees to promote your fashion brand. Whether they are doing it as a favour or for money, their endorsement can be a good tool to attract awareness about your product. There are three factors in particular that you should be aware of while considering celebrity endorsements for […]

Best Fashion Brand Practices on Social Media


Images can always convey an infinite amount of detail compared to words – Just think how much you can describe and show in one photo, compared to say one line of text in a tweet? This is where Pinterest and Instagram excel and are really great tools for fashion businesses to promote their products and […]