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Why Telemarketing Is So Effective in B2B


If you think of telemarketing, it is something that most people will recognize right away. However, it is considered to be a less popular method of marketing than others. So many customers complain about telephone marketing, it means that it cannot really work, right? Wrong. When used correctly, telemarketing can become an incredibly efficient tool […]

How To React If A Supplier Let You Down


  If you are a retailer, you likely have relationships with many different people. Your relationship with your suppliers can be one of the most important. Suppliers are the ones that you depend on when you have a rush order, or if a customer suddenly changes their mind about an order. However, what happens if […]

Why B2B Retailers Are Going Into Ecommerce


If you are planning on entering the world of business, there are a few important concepts that you should be aware of. B2B is one of these concepts. This is when multiple businesses sell or exchange information about themselves, instead of with customers. B2B retailers have recently started moving towards E-commerce (using the internet for […]

How To Deal With Social Media In B2B


Social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today – While traditional marketing methods are still relevant, a carefully crafted social media campaign can reap untold benefits. Due to the potential amount of users social media can reach, you can send your message out to thousands of people for a […]

How To Find A Showroom For Your Brand


The showroom is an extremely important part of the fashion industry. Not every designer has the means to purchase their own store. Displaying your products in a showroom is often a cost effective method that takes away the stress and extra work involved with renting your own property. It also gives fashion designers easy access […]

6 Reasons Why B2B Advertising Is Meaningful


Advertising is an integral part of the modern B2B business. Companies will rarely launch a new product or service without some form of accompanying advertising. Business can often take advertising for granted which can cause sloppy campaigns that do not generate revenue. To avoid this, it is important to understand exactly what makes B2B advertising so […]

How To Make A Marketplace From Scratch


Creating a new marketplace from scratch can actually be a straightforward process. If you have an idea for a new product or service, you need a marketplace to distribute this idea. Online marketplaces are the quickest to establish due to an abundance of software available. There are many successful companies that have created a new […]

4 Tips For A Great Customer Care in B2B


Too many businesses in the B2B environment have poor customer care. They concentrate solely on fantastic supply and cost saving methods at the expense of this. While great supply and low prices is important, providing immaculate customer care is equally as beneficial to a successful B2B relationship. The below are 4 ways in which you […]

Why Line Sheets Are Crucial For Wholesalers


Running a business can be very hard work. You need to hire employees, appease customers, and make tough decisions. Sometimes a few tips on how to make the business run smoother can be highly appreciated, Line sheets are one of the things that can make you easier to work with as a business, therefore increasing […]

Online Wholesale vs. Physical Wholesale

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Over the last few years, online sales have begun to grow in popularity. The convenience of shopping online seems to attract customers all over the world. Shopping online (or in person), can come in the form of retail or wholesale. When a product is sold by retail, it means that the consumer is buying it […]

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