5 Points A New Fashion Brand Should Ensure

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It can sometimes be difficult to take the knowledge and talent that is gained at fashion school and apply it towards a successful wholesale or retail distribution. This article takes insight from a variety of sources (designers, retailers, advisors, etc.) and is aimed at helping potential designers become great. The following tips are a good […]

Retail 101: How To Start A Retail Store


It is difficult to succeed in the modern business world of retail, especially when you are trying to open your own store. However, this is not to say that it cannot be done. Being well-prepared is a good first step, and knowing about important information can be the deciding factor on whether your business will […]

4 Pieces of Advice for Retailers to Reduce Their Stock


Every day, millions of people purchase products. For this to happen, the retailer has to have a stock of the product that people want. Retailers must know how to manage their stock because it will prepare them to meet the needs of customers. If retailers know exactly how much stock they have, compared to how popular […]

Online Wholesale vs. Physical Wholesale

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Over the last few years, online sales have begun to grow in popularity. The convenience of shopping online seems to attract customers all over the world. Shopping online (or in person), can come in the form of retail or wholesale. When a product is sold by retail, it means that the consumer is buying it […]

The keys for choosing your marketing channels

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With many marketing channels available to exploit, making a choice between all these possibilities proves to be harder day by day. Some of these channels are widely used by organizations to market their products and services, while others are being discovered marketing strategies. However, it is only wise to say that no marketing channel can […]

What about a TV ad for your fashion brand?

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TV ads are one of the most known marketing techniques used by organizations to market their brands to the general public. A TV ad illuminates a dream for many fashion brands, as it can bring great brand notoriety, social recognition, and awareness among the public. Many individuals all over the world have access to TVs; […]

6 Tips to Optimize Your Retail Store Sales


Physical retail stores all over the world are currently in a competitive state, prompting the need to employ drastic measure for them to stand out. Some aspects to put in check to maintain a competitive edge are the originality of your products or services, your prices as well as the design of your services and […]

Is dropshipping a good idea or a poisoned chalice for brands?


Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment model where the store does not stock or own inventory but meets the demand through transferring clients order and shipment details to a third party who directly ships the products to the customer. In this model, the retailer never handles directly the product. In the US, e-commerce market accounts for […]

How to find the best manufacturers?


. This gives you the opportunity to have the right terminology in your search. There are a number of questions to ask yourself when it comes to finding the one that would enable you to meet your business goals. Some manufacturers would make the product on your behalf then offer it to you, while others […]

How to hire the best designers ?


This is one of the toughest questions you come across when you want to hire a designer because the job is both technical and creative. On top of that, designer jobs are quite new compared to other kinds of jobs. Design is not new but companies became more and more demanding on this skill. The […]