Keeping Records Of Your Design And Patterns


In the fashion business, it is vital to keep detailed records of your designs, fabrics, samples, and patterns. Firstly, you don’t want to repeat yourself. Secondly, you may need to refer back to certain techniques or styles for inspiration or manufacturing purposes. Finally, you may want to use certain elements of a design in a […]

The Secret About Online Product Reviews


What is the first thing that people do when they are considering buying a new product? They head to the computer and look up product reviews. They want to know if the product is exactly what they are looking for. They also want to know what other people’s experiences were. This is because they will […]

How To Deal With Social Media In B2B


Social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today – While traditional marketing methods are still relevant, a carefully crafted social media campaign can reap untold benefits. Due to the potential amount of users social media can reach, you can send your message out to thousands of people for a […]

How To Grow Ecommerce Sales Quickly


Launching a business is incredibly rewarding, but it is hard work. You have to deal with customer complaints, product issues, and unexpected surprises. Another thing you have to worry about is generating enough revenue from sales. Many retailers combine their physical store with online sales to increase growth. The big question that arises is: how […]

5 Tips To Take Advantage of Trade Shows


Trade shows provide an alternative method of promoting your business and products. They also provide a captive audience and a physical means to entice potential new business. Creating a successful booth takes time and planning. For it to be truly effective a business must look beyond the standard conventions and think outside the box. Considering […]

A Short Guide To Online Advertising


There is no doubt that advertising can be incredibly effective. However, retailers sometimes balk at the idea of spending money for a ten second TV commercial, or a two sentence newspaper ad. Unfortunately, it is crucial to bite the bullet and invest in advertising; all different kinds. The key is to combine new and trendy […]

Launching Your Online Store 101


An online store is a perfect way to gain custom and open your business up to a wider range of potential custom. Creating an online store takes planning and forethought. It should not be a rushed process and you should try and consider every eventuality before revealing your store to the public. Creating an Ecommerce […]

Driving People In Your Brick & Mortar Store


Over the past few years, e-commerce has become a rising trend with consumers. Most people find it simpler to use their electronic devices to make purchases or browse products. This is a problem for retailers because the product will be sold at a cheaper price online. So the issue is clear: retailers have to convince customers […]

The Benefits Of Omni-Channel Retailing


Retailers can sometimes be hard-pressed in attracting customers to their products. Customers want the very best, and that is exactly what they are given. Competing companies are working tirelessly to improve the customer’s shopping experience. This could include shopping over the computer, in the store, or over the telephone. So how exactly does Omni-channel retailing […]

Can Fast and Sustainable Fashion Go Along


This debate has been fought for many years – Can fast fashion be sustainable? Can a business produce their fashion range in a sustainable manner and still achieve a fast turnaround and cheap prices that the customer desires? Is it possible to change your business to adjust to a market that is becoming increasingly concerned […]