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3 things to do now before starting with wholesale


Figure out your wholesale pricing since the beginning Even if selling wholesale is not part of your short-term plan, be prepared for it. Indeed it is a necessary step in the development of a brand so you have to think about the implications since day one. On your promotional material (as well as in your […]

The Secret Advice About Trade Shows


I have heard so much bad advice on trade shows… Most of the time because the advice applies to established brands. But if you are a start-up or a young brand, be very careful, it can really endanger the cash balance of your company. The truth is that 90% of the transaction registered or initiated […]

Free Line Sheet Template


A line sheet is an essential tool for your B2B sales. If you are not using tools as, creating a line sheet from scratch can be pretty painful! This is why we give for free 2 line sheet template (one vertical and one horizontal, depending on your pictures dimensions)   Vertical line sheet template: […]

5 advices to buy wholesale clothing online


Why you should start buying wholesale clothes online for your shop If you are a retailer, buying wholesale clothing online is a decisive and necessary step in your sourcing strategy. We take the example of wholesale fashion here, but this article is totally applicable to wholesale jewelry or wholesale accessories. Buying through a wholesale marketplaces or […]

9 new tools to grow your fashion brand efficiently


1. E-commerce – A great website to promote your brand with SquareSpace Your website is the first image that most of your audience will see and yet, too many websites are old-fashioned, not sexy, and difficult to use. A great fashion website must be simple enough to draw attention to the only things that matter: your products. SquareSpace […]