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Paul Munos

Linkbuilding Basics To Increase Your Visibility


E-commerce seems to be the way of the future. Every day, millions of people make purchases from online stores. If you are a retailer who has an online store, you probably have a few questions about how to be successful. One of the ways that you can start is by incorporating link building. This is […]

Why Telemarketing Is So Effective in B2B


If you think of telemarketing, it is something that most people will recognize right away. However, it is considered to be a less popular method of marketing than others. So many customers complain about telephone marketing, it means that it cannot really work, right? Wrong. When used correctly, telemarketing can become an incredibly efficient tool […]

Discover the Unbeatable #1 Marketing Tool


The best option for retailers today is to understand the tools they have to work with. If they learn how to use their tools effectively, they can attract more customers and profits. However, is there one tool in particular that retailers should be focusing on? The number one marketing tool that is invaluable to retailers […]

4 Digital Trends That Are Changing Wholesale Distribution


As the world grows more and more advanced, businesses are slowly changing their strategies to cater to their customer’s demands. Some areas that are growing in popularity are the digital and technology aspects. The new digital trends that are emerging are quickly changing how wholesale distributors do business. Wholesalers are typically selling large quantities of […]

How Can Retailers Meet Wholesale Suppliers


How Can Retailers Meet Wholesale Suppliers There are many tips that successful fashion brands know – One of which is how to find and meet wholesalers who can supply to your business. Researching and finding wholesale suppliers does require a careful approach. As a business, you must consider every angle and find a supplier that […]

How To Continuously Overcome Your Sales Game


The sales game is a continual battle. How can you improve your sales figures week in week out? If you already have high sales figures, how can you possibly improve them? What measures can you take to ensure your sales team is performing to their full potential?   Adaptation is key   Industry, retail, and […]

Why Is Design-It-Yourself A Revolution


Why Is Design It Yourself A Revolution The world is fascinated with design. It is a process that is present in our everyday lives – Literally everything we have contact with has been designed to some degree. A new form of design process is becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern world – “Design it yourself“. […]

Best Ways To Hire And Train Retail Sales Employees


There are many considerations for running a successful retail business – Product management, negotiating a commercial lease, finding adequate supplies, and also the hiring and training of staff. Hiring staff in a retail environment is an important process – You must find the right employees who you can rely on to manage your store and […]

How To Brand Yourself As A Designer


An important part of the fashion industry is brand identity. Each successful fashion label and designer will have a distinct brand. You may even be able to recognize this brand simply by their logo. The power of brand identity is real. There are many ways to brand yourself as a graphic designer, and the pointers […]

Why The Direct-to-Consumer Trend Is Endangering Retailers


There are many types of marketing technique that are used to attract customers. Some are very effective, and others only scare away potential buyers. The direct-to-consumer marketing method is when the seller sends the product straight to their buyer. There is no intermediate source of advertising. This means that TV commercials, radios, and billboards will […]