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Grégoire Chauvin

A/B test your pricing with this 6 experiments


Pricing is one of the most important factors in retail business. How to set prices can be a true art form and is often not just a simple case of considering how your costs and making a margin. How the price is displayed on your online store, and price tags in your physical shop can […]

The relative importance of pricing in B2B


Pricing is an important aspect of running a successful B2B business. But exactly how important is it? What considerations should you take into account when you determine your wholesale pricing? What other factors aside from price are important to consider also? How should you price your goods? There are many questions to ask, and the […]

8 tips to improve your customer relationships as a distributor


Part of being a successful distributor is developing meaningful relationships with your customers. As a distributor, you rely on repeat business with established customers. Due to this fact, you want your transactions and order process to run as smoothly as possible. Creating a great relationship with your customers will help you achieve this and here […]

What you should or shouldn’t do when buying in China


If you are a retailer, you are not manufacturing the goods that you provide to customers, you are just selling them. Therefore, you need to source your supplies from somewhere. Where might the best place to source materials be? The answer to that questions depends entirely on your individual business. You need to investigate your […]

Ever wonder what brand management was?


The concept of ‘branding’ your unique items has been around for thousands of years. People wanted to make it known that their possessions were not up for grabs by others. Brand management is a larger concept that encompasses all the parts of branding. Currently, the idea of branding your products is an important part of […]

Should I differentiate my online pricing from my retail prices?


Online vs. Retail – A long-discussed pricing minefield. How can you set prices for your fashion products both online and in-store? Should there be a difference in price? What considerations are there? What does the customer expect? First, you have to look at each separate sales outlet and consider what costs are involved. Secondly, you […]

Take your fashion product descriptions to the next level


Fashion product descriptions can make or break a product. Even the most beautiful of garments will struggle to sell if it has a poorly written and uninteresting description. There are many tips for writing product descriptions, and when done correctly, you can use your descriptions to sell a product without the customer even having to […]

How To Open A Pop-Up Store Successfully


How to open a Pop-Up store successfully? The existence of Pop-Up stores has become a great marketing strategy used by retailers who seek to extend product and brand promotion. Approximately, the industry of Pop-Up store has grown to ten billion dollars in sales. A study in the UK claimed that most of the new businesses will invest […]

3 advices to source the best wholesale suppliers


If you consider starting a retail business, creating solid relationships with wholesalers is a priority.

We estimate to 1,000,000 the number of companies in the wholesale industry across Western countries, so finding the right supplier and creating long term partnerships can be a painful journey.

After discussing with retailers using, we have summarized below the best tips to achieve this goal