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Grégoire Chauvin

Prepare for the rush of the holiday season


Every business understands the importance of capitalizing during holiday seasons. At these important times, you will often see a surge in business and to fully benefit, you must prepare beforehand. What can you do as a business to gear up for these testing times? How can you ensure you have the sufficient means to deliver […]

How to make shipping profitable


  If you own a business, you are probably aware of a concept known as shipping costs. When you receive goods from a supplier, you will often have to pay these. These tend to be a sunk cost, because you have no way to recover from them. However, could there be a way to make […]

Take advantage of technology for your brand management


As all of us know, brand management is a concept that is very important in the retail industry. Brand management is how we get our name and product known to the public and to our consumers. Without proper brand management, we will be lost among the thousands of competitors. Staying ahead of the competition means […]

Sales best practice: create a prospection list


Being in the retail business means that you typically will be doing work with a variety of different people. You will need to build relationships with your employees, customers, and suppliers. One way to easily organize who might want to buy from your company in the future is by creating a prospection list. A prospection […]