How To Kill at B2B Sales For Brands and Suppliers


gregoire chauvin


My name is Grégoire Chauvin, I am French and the co-founder of

For few years, we have worked with thousands of brands and suppliers… and guess which of them are the most successful today?

I have bad news for you. They are not the suppliers with the best products, but those who kill at B2B Sales.

They are simply everywhere: trade shows, newsletters, emailing, B2B e-commerce, social networks…
Now, doing all of this well with limited resources is not an easy journey.
This is why we wrote this white paper on B2B sales. It is totally free and fast to read. It will give you tons of tips and tricks to master B2B sales and stand out from the competition

We all love great products, but they won’t sell themselves!


What you will find in this latest edition:

  • 1)    Trade Shows: how to make them profitable
  • 2)    3 advices if you start with wholesale
  • 3)    The perfect wholesale pitch
  • 4)    Sell better: How to deliver value after an order
  • 5)    Sell more : The art of generating recurring orders
  • Bonus:  line sheet template




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