How to find the best manufacturers?

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. This gives you the opportunity to have the right terminology in your search. There are a number of questions to ask yourself when it comes to finding the one that would enable you to meet your business goals. Some manufacturers would make the product on your behalf then offer it to you, while others would sell you a finished product, which is ready for sale.


  • The first choice to make: where do you want to produce?


A crucial question to ask yourself when sourcing manufacturers is whether you request local or outsourced production. Both sourcing production options have their unique advantages and disadvantages, which gear towards the success and failure of your business.


Local sourcing

Some of the benefits and drawbacks accompanying local sourcing of products include;

  • Locally sourced products have high labor standards and manufacturing quality.
  • Communication is a lot easier with no language barriers and hence easier and faster understanding between you and the manufacturer.
  • There is a marketing appeal for the locally sourced manufactured goods and then an edge in when it comes to marketing your acquired goods.
  • It is also easier to determine the legitimacy of a local manufacturer and it’s an assurance of high-end manufactured supplies.
  • Shipping is also easier, efficient and time conscious hence an assurance of timely delivery.
  • Locally sourcing a manufacturer offers very high intellectual property protection rights.
  • Payment of the suppliers is highly secure and recourse.
  • The manufacturing costs are high.
  • A small range of products to pick from since not all you need may be locally available.



Outsourcing, on the other hand, is cheaper for one who needs his products in bulk. Just like local sourcing, there are some advantages and drawbacks associated with it;

  • Outsourced products have greatly reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Provides a wide pool of manufacturers to choose from.
  • There are one-stop services from outsourcing supplies hence the ease with which you navigate manufactures.
  • Customers have a negative attitude towards outsourced supplies citing reasons of low quality.
  • You can be faced to low labor and manufacturing standards.
  • The difference in language causes communication barriers.
  • It takes a longer time to ship the supplies.
  • Potential political problems.
  • The cultural differences in business can also act as an impediment to the business
  • The recourse, security, and payment are low.


  • Once you chose your solution, where can you get the best manufacturers?


With the right information on the various benefits by using one source over the other, you can now comfortably begin your research and evaluate all the available sourcing options to come up with the best manufacturers. There are a number of reliable sources to use in accessing this kind of information in a fast and simple way.

Some of these sources are online directories that contain manufacturers’ profiles and public libraries, which contain premium directories that have many distributor and manufacturers profiles.

Activating your network is also a great idea when it comes to looking for the best manufacturers that would meet your needs. Ask your LinkedIn friends for their experience. Consult your family and friends to see if you can get a feedback. You will always find at least one person who tried to find a manufacturer.


These are some basic tips that would help you find the right manufacturer. You can also look at the excellent article by Richard Lazazzera on this topic. After finding the right manufacturer, make sure you ask any questions and concerns regarding their terms and conditions as well as pricing. Therefore, next time you are searching for a manufacturer, you know where to begin.


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