5 advices to buy wholesale clothing online

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Why you should start buying wholesale clothes online for your shop

If you are a retailer, buying wholesale clothing online is a decisive and necessary step in your sourcing strategy. We take the example of wholesale fashion here, but this article is totally applicable to wholesale jewelry or wholesale accessories.

Buying through a wholesale marketplaces or a B2B fashion platform has many advantages:

  • It saves you many visits to your supplier and lets you focus on your business.
  • It lets you know of the latest arrivals when the website is updated. This is why on we display all the latest arrivals in the news feed
  • Your sourcing matches exactly your needs: it is way easier to reorder an out of stock product in several exemplaries.

5 advices before you purchase wholesale clothing online:

Meanwhile, you need to check few things

  1. Check the supplier’s website (or Uppler profile) to know how they are used to work and to know more about the positionning of the brand
  2. Do not hesitate to ask for samples to make sure that the product matches your expectations. Althemore if it is a first order. It is important to start a supplier-retailer relationship in good conditions
  3. Keep contact with your suppliers and do not hesitate to ask questions before and during the ordering process. Interraction is key to check that you are well aligned with the supplier and avoid bad surprises.
  4. Check the tendancy of the product or of the brand. You can measure the reputation of a brand or evaluate the need of it among the final consumer even before buying it. A great tool for that is which lets you enter the words you are looking for (a product type or supplier) and see the graphs of the searches made by people across the world for this expression. You can then consider the tendancy of popularity of the article or the supplier.
  5. Constantly make feedback to your supplier to avoid misunderstanding, to let him improve the next products and make you further offer which will correspond to your needs.

Those advices come from various interviews with both retailers and suppliers that we made when we created We have integrated all thoses remarks on Uppler to give you the best wholesale purchasing experience. Nevertheless we might have forgotten some points, so do not hesitate to give us feedbacks!

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    Excellent site, thanks! I’ve bookmarked it 🙂

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    These are really great advices, I use all of them when looking for reliable suppliers for my boutique. I’ve googled a lot, then asked for samples and then arranged a meeting with managers so it took a lot of time and I only found good Jack and Jones clothing suppliers. I think I need to do more research and uppler will probably help me a lot!

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